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(Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia – Queer)

Friday, February 18, 2005

7 pm

«W.R. – Mystery of Organism»
(Dušan Makavejev, Yugoslavia, 1971, 85 min)
cast: Milena Dravić, Ivica Vidović, Jagoda Kaloper, Zoran Radmilović, Tuli Kapferberg

As Makavejev himself points out, this movie is based on Willhelm Reich theory that opressie regimes live on supressed sexual desire because it does manifest itself in the end, even in crime or through manic submissiveness to authority. There is no revolution without sexual revolution! Bruce LaBruce paraphrased this in his most recent movie «The Raspberry Reich» into 'There is no sexual revolution without homosexual revolution'. Therefore, as Milena Dravić says in this film: Comrades, fuck (yourselves) gladly.

9 pm

«Plastic Jesus»
(Lazar Stojanović, Yugoslavia, 1971, 77 min)
cast: Vukica Djilas, Tomislav Gotovac, Adolf Hitler, Ante Pavelić, Josip Broz Tito, Ljubiša Ristić

Cast that includes Hitler, Pavelić and Tito definitely stands out and makes you think. Well, of course, they appear in archive footage but seeing them today, in this movie which was banned in its time, they seem awfully familiar and not distant enough. Jesus may have resurrected, but ideologies have never died.

«Dead Man Walking»
(Antonio G. Lauer aka Tomislav Gotovac, Croatia, 2005., DVD, 44 min)

This movie, although made after the fall of Yugoslavia, is a response of Antonio G. Lauer aka Tomislav Gotovac to the movie “Plastic Jesus” and at the same time summarizes the artistic work of Antonio G. Lauer). Materials used in the movie are made during the SFRY.

Both movies will be introduced by Antonio G. Lauer aka Tomislav Gotovac.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

7 pm

«Mask Ball»
(Boštjan Hladnik, Yugoslavia, 1971, 86 min)
cast: Miha Balo, Igor Galo, Blanka Jenko, Vida Jerman

Boštjan Hladnik, director of well known movies like 'City in the Sand' and 'Dancing in the Rain', is one of the first to deal with homo sensitivity inYugoslavian cinema which is best seen in this forgotten film about obsession, being lost and new beginning.

9 pm

«Spy On High Heels»
(Milan Jelić, Yugoslavia, 1988, 80 min)
cast: Boris Dvornik, Boris Novković, Dobrila Stojinić, Milan Štrljić, Ljiljana Sedlar, Milena Dravić, Mira Furlan, Bata Živojinović

Transvesty in the Balkans always falls in the category of a comedy because only in comedy, and especially a spy one, noone needs to explain shovinism, sexism and machism which springs whenever there is a 'real' man in a dress. Good fun is guaranteed by an all stars cast whose reunion today is hardly imaginable even in a horror movie, let alone a comedy.

11 pm

(Stanko Jost, Yugoslavia, 1976, 65 min)
cast: Peter Rupnik, Goražd Pulko, Miro Podjed, Nada Božičeva, Borut Alujevič, Olga Puncarjeva

Based on the book written on diary entries by Nani Papali who died in 1936 and was in love with a male colleague but was never able to speak about his desires. Director Stanko Jost finally produced the movie himself with great difficulty in 1976 after it was forbidden a few years earlier. This is the first Slovenian film that speaks of a gay relationship and after its premiere in 77 it was only shown to the public again in 2004 at Ljubljana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, the oldest of its kind in Europe. Queer Zagreb's screening is a premiere in Croatia.