Queer premieres (March 18 and 19, 2005)

Friday, March 18. 2005. / 5 pm
Saturday, March 19. 2005. / 7 pm

«Dorian Blues»
(Tennyson Bardwell, USA, 2004, Beta, 88 min)

cast: Michael McMillian, Lea Coco, Charles Fletcher, Mo Quigley, Austin Basis

Inspired by a real life character, Dorian Blues is the first feature by Tennyson Bardwell which already screened on numerous festivals accross the US where it received rave reviews and many audience awards. We are sure that Zagreb's audience will recognise the story of young Dorian and his family as one after which life is simply better and the smile automatically fixes on one's face. Queer Zagreb is proud to screen this comedy of coming of age under definitions of gay stereotypes.
Beautiful movie to relax with Spring edition of «Queer Saturdays on Friday (and Saturday)».

Friday, March 18. 2005. / 7 pm
Saturday, March 19. 2005. / 11 pm

(Srđan Karanović, Yugoslavia, 1991, Beta, 101 min)

cast: Marta Keler, Miodrag Krivokapić, Igor Bjelan, Ina Gogalova

It seems almost impossible that «Virgina» will have its premiere in Zagreb 14 years after it was filmed. This is a movie which was overlooked by distributors but was intensively shown to students of anthropology, gender, peace and queer studies…This Felix award winner speaks of extreme patriarchy in a small village close to Adriatic Sea where a female child is raised as a boy in order to become the head of the family as there were no boys by birth. A touching and authentic story of extremism and extremities.

* post-screening discussion with director Srđan Karanović and producer Rajko Grlić will take place on Friday

Friday, March 18. 2005. / 9 pm
Saturday, March 19. 2005. / 9 pm

«The 24th Day»
(Tony Piccirillo, USA, 2004, 35mm, 92 min)

cast: James Marsden, Scott Speedman, Sofia Vergara

This movie started out as an award winning theatre show in Los Angeles with Noah Wyle as the star. Author Tony Piccirillo proceeded to make his first feature which we would like to characterise as one of the most significant and intense movies on AIDS ever made. This psychological thriller, if we can borrow the term from classic movie characterisation, has one of the most original approach to AIDS issues ever screened in Croatia.
Using almost impossible twists in the story, the director creates an atmosphere between the characters which keeps the audience at the edge of their seats literally till the last minute!

Friday, March 18. 2005. / 11 pm
Saturday, March 19. 2005. / 5 pm

«The Graffiti Artist»
(James Bolton, USA, 2004, Beta, 80 min)

cast: Ruben Bansie – Snellman, Pepper Fajans

Director James Bolton, of whom Gus Van Sant said had Ingmar Bergman qualities, managed to create a masterpiece of independent cinema. Queer Zagreb is proud to present a movie which had its European premiere last year at Berlin festival and had since then been programmed in over twenty festivals worldwide. The story of two graffiti artists is told with immaculate skill and poetic innacuracies which relates to youthful spirits.
It would not be fair to forget to mention one of the most erotic scenes Queer Zagreb ever came accross as well as the most beautiful eyes of one of the two lead actors. (If you are not a sucker for art, at least be superficial with the right movie!