Lesbian's premieres

April programme of "Queer Saturdays on Fridays and (Saturdays)" is dedicated to lesbian topics. Recognising the different lackings in distribution networks, we have decided to create a special programm of lesbian movies so we can remind even ourselves that in the first three months of this year's Queer Zagreb programme we have not screened not one lesbian movie. However, we do not intend to create a special genre or create an exclusiveness around lesbian movies, only to state its rarity.

Within almost regular availability problems of queer movies, one cannot but notice even stronger difficulties in finding lesbian movies. This selection is based on a wider array of film types, genres and topics and we present these young artists and their movies hopeful it will be a step towards stronger presence of "female" in cinemas, from Queer Zagreb to regular cinema distributions.

These directors are also activists, actresses, producers, screenwriters who bravely confront religious orthodoxy, sexual paradigms and erotic singularity in expression. The programme of "Queer Saturdays on Fridays (and Saturdays)" in April lives off the energy and power of the authors whose movies we are screening with great pleasure.

Fag who doesn't show!